555 Days... The Continuation

Welcome to 555 Days as a Poet by The Crafty Scribe

Back in 2010, I challenged myself to write a poem or a short verse a day, and post it to a blog. 555 Days as a Poet by The Crafty Scribe is the continuation of the experiment.

I gave myself 18 months to recover from the original daily blog postings, and now, I am ready to start it all over again. Although as I was beginning in the middle of the year, I thought 6 months was too short a time after my last experience.

"If I could complete a year of poems, how about 18 months?" I thought. I worked out that would be 549 days. I could have rounded it up to 550 to included New Years Day 2014, but then I thought I'd go 5 better... to 555 days.

Why 555? According to many spiritual teachers, the number 555 is a sign of change and the flow of energy. I thought it related to the blog. I spent a year writing a poem every day, then rested for 18 months. Now the tide has turned. It's time to begin the flow of words in my life again.

I'm not a trained poet, just an enthusiastic scribe wanting to create something new each day. I don't truly know my stanza from my meter, but I hope to improve and get my poetic license someday! Expect the weird, the strange and the inner workings of the Crafty Scribe's mind. Let's ride the waves once more.

Please pass on the blog address to all your verse and lyrical loving friends. I hope you will join me, and read my daily scribbling.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

"The Sigh. The Tear." (Entry 327)

She heard his sigh
Before he woke her. 
That deep regret and 
Bitter disappointment, 
All said
Without goodbye. 

Her teardrop fell,
Once he left her. 
It held her heartbreak 
And devastation 
A million words 
Could never tell.

"Little Mouse and His Spouse" (Entry 326)

The little mouse
(Whose name was Strauss)
Married his spouse
Who wore a blouse.
(At the Chapel White House.)

During the splice,
The other mice
Threw grains of rice -
Custom so nice. 
(Then off for a slice.)

So to the meal. 
Ate with such zeal. 
Edam - a wheel. 
Laughter and squeal. 
(A Wedding ideal.)

Night falls with ease.
Last smiles and squeeze. 
Beneath the trees. 
A photo, please?
(Everyone say CHEESE!)

"Stale Smell" (Entry 325)

Half-full scent bottle lay unused. 
Unloved, discarded, and refused. 
It's owner never found the need. 
Love had gone, only time succeed.
No longer sprayed, inhaled, perfumed. 
Just the stale smell of a life doomed. 
No reason left to have a care. 
Both left forgotten, gone off, beware!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

"Force Unknown" (Entry 324)

You ripped my world apart
When you came through. 
Broke my heart, 
Tore my soul. 
You never knew. 


Our love and thoughts go out to those devastated by the Oklahoma City tornado. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

"Houseplant Haiku" (Entry 323)

Houseplant enters home. 
Shiny tongues- deep green leaves lap. 
Welcome. You belong.

"Digest the Past" (Entry 322)

With the rest. 
In contemplation,
A life's menu of regrets. 
Collateral cholesterol 
Leave that meal 
of sorrow
Belly-full of discomfort
Unfulfilled and yet
Still billed,
for this invisible guest.
Don't chew over
Swallow the pest
of past then 
Laugh out with 
a heart,
Full of jest. 

"Heart's Question" (Entry 321)

What can the heart do, 
When the mind wants to dream?
Only the soul can lead the chorus. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

"My Bane" (Entry 320)

This pain. 
A strain in vein. 
My bane
To which I'm chained. 
So drained. 
Attempt to remain
It's the rain forever
On my plain. 
Will I ever gain?
I train my brain
To feign a campaign 
Of constrain. 
Hard to maintain. 
Let me explain. 
I scream out - 
A shout of words 
Profane and arcane. 
Don't want to complain. 
The inane pain
Has disdain 
For my aim. 
Runs free rein. 
I'm slain,
Once again,
In pain. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"Tender a Surrender!" (Entry 319)

What will this day bring?
Spasm and sting. 
The stain on my personality. 
Deep ache. 
Give me a break!
Throbbing and burn. 
Robbing me of life's turn. 
Cramp and tender. 
White flag a surrender!
Stabbing and strain. 
Forever and again. 

"Nerds, Freaks, Geeks" (Entry 318)

Nerds, Freaks, Geeks. 
Their world made chic. 
Cos play and conventions
Taken over by wrong intentions. 
Inhabited now by bullies and jocks
Just because it's cool. You know, sorta rocks!
But the Geeks and Nerds and Freaks remember, 
The way you treated them. It's sparked the ember 
And lit the flames long suppressed.
Don't enter their world, you don't know what you'll get. 
It was you that named them Freak, Nerd and Geek. 
Now they've inherited the world, and they ain't meek. 

"A Party of Politics. Part v of v" (Entry 317)

So who to vote for?
Which way to go?
All so confusing 
No answer and so...
Who's right? Who's to blame?

The spaghetti of politics
All tied up in knots. 
Can't untangle Government
in deep establishment rot. 
Out for themselves. All the same. 

What a shame! 
What a shame! 
What a sham! 

"A Party of Politics. Part iv of v" (Entry 316)

Sensational votes. 
One policy parties. 
If it happened. 
Don't laugh too hearty,
Or Government poke. 

How would you cope?
How would you deal?
If power was yours,
If you made it for real. 
Headless chickens, a joke!

"A Party of Politics. Part iii of v" (Entry 315)

Caught hard. 
In a flap. 
What's your view 
within your gap?
Lib Dems, the wee man. 

Stuck between a snob
and a soft face. 
Where have you gone?
Heads hang in disgrace.
Lib Dems made demon. 

"A Party of Politics. Part ii of v" (Entry 314)

Right society. 
Right school. 
Right click. 
Right to rule. 
Laws in preservative. 

Tighten the belt
In the middle. 
Not your class. 
Shudder, smile to fiddle
Two-faces Conservative. 

"A Party of Politics. Part i of v" (Entry 313)

Left of tables. 
Left of the chair. 
Left of politics. 
No one cares. 
Where's a neighbour?

No more union. 
No more clubs. 
No more jobs. 
No more pubs. 
Where's real Labour?

"Uncharted Journey" (Entry 312)

Love is not having someone give you the world. 
Let's create a new one and watch it unfurl. 
 I want to see that place, you and me, together. 
To follow the map to its edges, and go on forever. 
So jump onto the mysterious life's ride. 
Onwards with curiosity as our guide. 
The uncharted is what inspires me to explore. 
 Let the journey unfold with the one I adore.  


For my husband, on our anniversary. 
I love you. 

"Tale of Nail" (Entry 311)

Nail taps. 
Nail bitten. 
Nail breaks. 
It was written. 

Nail filed. 
Nail painted. 
Nail shaped. 
Words now tainted. 

Nail cut. 
Nail cleaned. 
Nail shined. 
Not what it seemed. 

"For You To Find" (Entry 310)

What was mine 
Was always yours. 
You knew that, 
If only you'd looked inside. 
I was yours to find. 

Easier than delving into a boiled egg,
Only thin shelled - never thick skinned. 
No tricky tongs or paring knives needed. 
Just me on the menu. 
Always yours to find. 

Always there, in the now. 
A present in the present.
If you'd ripped open the tissue paper
Of your own deceit and lies,
I was still there to find. 

You didn't want the trouble,
Too much effort, too much bother.
All deep breaths and sighs. 
Always something more important to do,
But I waited for you to find. 

I even pulled back the covers,
but still you didn't want to discover. 
I wasn't Everest or North Pole cold. 
Just ready for you to behold. 
No map needed for you to find. 

What is mine
Is mine. 
You never took the time
To find,
What could have been.

"Take The Awake" (Entry 309)

I wish I was awake
To stop the shake
The quake within my heart
For in my dreams, it's wretched apart. 
Too late - can't break - it's broke. 

"Empty" (Entry 308)

The empty drawer pulled open,
To spy beyond (and truly see)
The thing that was never there. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

"Rude Attitude" (Entry 307)

Brash and lewd dude.
Bad attitude.
Ruins the mood,
For all. How rude!

"Hippy Hipster Hooray!" (Entry 306)

Are you a retro spec'd Hipster
with homemade knits and bakes,
Or just hip to be square with
bony muscular aches?

Are you into Steampunk
and hang out in vintage saloons,
Or a vibe DJ master
spinning latest tunes?

Or are you a hippy that trips
in kaftan and beads.
Or a book nerd gone digital
cyber-browsing Good Reads?

Are you chic and on-trend
In hip-hugger jeans,
or a sequin away from 70s
Hustle disco queens?

Let me shoot from the hip,
wherever you fall.
Just be who you are,
follow your path and your call.

Remember my words,
Be You in your own way.
Live your life as you want it -
Shout Hip Hip Hooray!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Negative Numbers" (Entry 305)

All encompassing.
Dark, overpowering.
Life ruined by numbers.
Meaningless figures.
Red, not black.
On a page and computer.
In a bank. Intangible.

Wish not experienced.
What was had.
What was known.
Would that be better?
If not had come to be,
Those things. Those places.
Would not known,
what was lost.
Would not known,
how it can be.
Heartbreak caused by negative.
All known, left to memory.